Modular cable entry for cables with plugs
CONTA-CLIP expands its cable entry portfolio, launching the KDS-R system for M20 to M63 round openings suited to cables with and without plugs.
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Direct Modbus connection to PLCs
GSM-PRO2 series communication modules from CONTA-CLIP feature a Modbus RTU (RS485) interface that enables easy data exchange with other controllers. The modules operate in slave mode and can, for example, provide a PLC with added GSM functionality via an easy plug connection to the RS485 port directly on the C-type mounting rail.
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IP66 cable entries for all shapes and sizes
Connection technology expert CONTA-CLIP supplies versatile components for simple and time-saving cable management. The tool-less KDS and KES cable entry systems enable easy routing and flexible rearrangement of cables and conduits in enclosures and control cabinets, with reliable strain relief and IP66 ingress protection.
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4G-enabled I/O communication modules
Introducing GSM-PRO2 and GSM-PRO2E communication modules, CONTA-CLIP presents economic 4G wireless remote control and maintenance solutions for decentralized applications. If no 4G network is available, the modules automatically fall back on 3G or 2G networks.
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Easy customization of cabling ducts
CONTA-CLIP provides all necessary tools for customizing its UL- and VDE-certified VK series cabling ducts. The VK-S cutter allows for shortening up to 125 mm wide standard or halogen-free cabling ducts to the required length. Cuts are clean, without burrs, and with the exact required angle.
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Sheet-metal puncher with hydraulic hand pump
CONTA-CLIP now offers a combination of a hydraulic hand pump and sheet-metal punching tool. Users can thereby produce break-outs in control cabinets for KDSClick, KDS-FB, KDS-KV, and KES cable entries within a few minutes. The hydraulic hand pump contains no hose and features a user-friendly, compact design. It weighs only 2 kg.
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The organizer in the cabling duct
CONTA-CLIP further enhances its range of usability aids for VK cabling ducts, adding fast-mount wire holders. The wire holders can be clipped into the cabling ducts without tools. They make it easier to neatly arrange conductors and keep signal and power lines clearly apart.
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TKS transformer terminal for wire cross-sections up to 16 qmm
CONTA-CLIP adds a transformer terminal for wire cross-sections up to 16 qmm to its TKS series. The terminals are used to adapt coil ends to screw connections to implement power supply of specific devices or machinery in a larger system.
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New FNT 16 neutral disconnect terminal for 2.5 – 25 qmm
CONTA-CLIP expands its range of single-level push-in installation terminals, adding the FNT 16 neutral disconnect terminal for wire cross sections between 2.5 qmm and 25 qmm (up to 16 mm? with wire-end ferrules). The push-in connection system allows for safe connection of wires without tools.
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New KDS-FB cable entry for five round-cable sealing elements
CONTA-CLIP continuously expands the KDS-FB flat ribbon cable entry system. The portfolio currently comprises a total of 13 cable entries with four frame widths and various divisions for flat and round cables. The latest addition is a pre-configured cable entry with five sealing elements to accommodate round cables.
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UL- and VDE-certified cabling ducts
CONTA-CLIP offers a wide range of UL- and VDE-certified cabling ducts. These ducts are notable for their excellent form stability. They also feature tight-fitting covers that allow for very easy detachment and reattachment. Pegs with pre-determined breakage points enable comfortable customization of the ducts for incoming and outgoing cabling.
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New IP66 ribbon cable entry system
Introducing the new KDS-FB cable entry system for flat ribbon cables, CONTA-CLIP expands its KDSClick program of cable management solutions. As is typical for this product range, the system consists of only a few modular components that are easy to assemble without tools.
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EMC rail for KDSClick cable entry system
Accompanying the KDSClick cable entry system, CONTA-CLIP supplies easy-to-install, galvanized EMC rails for safe and secure shield termination of cables. KDS-EMV-SAB type rails are attached to the KDSClick mounting screws inside control cabinets and secured with a nut.
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Flange plate KDS-FP – cable management at its best
With the KDS-FP flange plate, CONTA-CLIP take the tool-free click-and-push concept of their cable entry system KDSClick to a larger scale for control cabinet construction.
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Die Klemme: state-of-the-art Push-in terminal series with improved design
CONTA-CLIP presents the new Push-in terminal series PRK. The comprehensive range provides users with a number of design improvements on conventional Push-in terminals and satisfies even very demanding requirements regarding ease of use and mechanical stability.
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New GSM-PRO2E I/O communication modules replace GSM-PRO
I/O communication modules from CONTA-CLIP's GSM-PRO series provide easy-to-use and economic solutions for remote monitoring, control, and maintenance of distributed applications via mobile networks. Now, the connection technology specialist replaces the first generation with the new, same-size versions GSM-PRO2E and GSM-PRO2E-GPS.
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Pushed, not screwed: Universal cable entry system KES for maximum packing density
The new KES series of gland plates from CONTA-CLIP enables the quick and safe introduction of cables and tubes without connectors into cabinets and machine housings. KES plates provide IP66 ingress protection with no need to specially fit and secure cables with screws.
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